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The Mount Cannibal and District Preservation Group Inc. was formed in 2006 at the request of residents in the area of Garfield North, Bunyip North, Tonimbuk and surrounds.

It is charged with the responsibility of monitoring development activity in the area and ensuring that there are no negative impacts on the sensitive environment and ecology of the area.

It has been requested by the residents that the group engage with any proposers of development or change in the area to preserve the current environment and to maintain the life style that brought the residents to the area in the first instance.

It will take more than this group to make a difference.  


Your help is needed.

From offering your expertise to providing any information that may be of use.

All input & ideas are welcome!

The Secretary,

Mt. Cannibal & District Preservation Group Inc.

P.O. Box 41, BUNYIP 3815

PH: 0413 019 361

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