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  • Is the quarry still going ahead - I thought it was rejected?
    No, the Environmental Effects Statement (EES) is still in progress and a decision will be made by the Planning Minister early in 2020.
  • I thought the quarry had already got the go-ahead?
    No, Hanson has not submitted their detailed proposal nor their EES, and no approval has been granted.
  • Why are you opposing a quarry - it will bring many jobs to the area?
    No it won't. In Hanson's own documentation (EES Referral of 5th July 2013) there will be only between 7-10 jobs created.
  • Any increase in local jobs is good, isn't it?"
    Yes that is correct, but the 7-10 new jobs will not necessarily be locally filled, they may come from other Hanson quarries. also, the local economy has already lost more than 7-10 jobs since the announcement of the quarry proposal and the loss of the Tonimbuk Equestrian Centre (TEC), the local pub, Bead and Breakfasts, feed suppliers etc.. and we will certainly loose many more jobs if the quarry were to proceed. in addition. if the quarry proposal was rejected the number of local jobs would increase at the TEC and at hospitality and tourism venues around the area.
  • Why are you trying to stop the quarry when we need the rock?
    Yes we do, but extracting it from such a sensitive area is foolish and short-sighted. When the rock is gone the permanent damage will remain. There are many other alternative locations that the proponent should seek out with a lesser damaging effect.
  • Don't we need the rock for current projects in Melbourne?
    Yes we do, but with the lead times indicated by Hanson in their Project Report #15 to allow for establishment of the quarry, and reaching commercial extraction volumes, would take up to 6 years. The road system cannot handle any significant truck traffic increases and with 530 daily truck movements planned the roads will need significant upgrading and at this time neither the Federal Government nor Vic Roads has any plans for road upgrades. Consequently, there will be no Bunyip North rock used in these major projects, they will be finished by the time this proposed quarry is fully operational.
  • Don't we need the rock now?
    Yes we do, and existing quarries can supply the next 10-20 years of demand allowing Hanson sufficient time to locate a suitable alternative site.
  • Why are you opposing this quarry?
    We don't oppose quarrying as such because the material is required for many aspects of our lives, but we strongly oppose this mega-quarry because:- it brings no good, it only brings destruction of the environment, water, plant and animal habitats, it makes life more dangerous for the community, it reduces local employment, it will diminish tourism in the area, and it sends its profits off-shore.
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