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For over 12 years our lives have been haunted by Hanson and their Quarry proposal. We chose to reside in this area for the quiet, peaceful life it promised. Residents have been living in virtual limbo, unsure of whether to invest further in their homes and businesses and the weight of this proposal has taken its toll for too long.

We need your help to say NO

  • NO to 500 plus trucks a day on our roads.

  • NO to toxic silica dust in our airways and waterways.

  • NO to a quarry extracting up to 2 million tonnes of Granite yearly with a lifespan of 80-100 years.

  • NO to the destruction of invaluable and beautiful land and vegetation. The list goes on...

Not only are our homes, livestock, businesses, lifestyle and Australia's flora and fauna are at stake, the proposed site is less than 400 metres from the border of beautiful Mount Cannibal which in 2016 was officially declared a site of State significance!

Any money we raise will go towards seeking further guidance and assistance in fighting Hanson as well as generating awareness in regards to what this company is proposing.

We will be forever grateful for any donation you can offer -  We are fighting to preserve the Bunyip North region for generations to come.

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