Proposed Bunyip North Quarry Plans delayed again!
EES to go on public exhibition in August, 2021

Following multiple delays, Hanson’s most recent indication is that they will complete their Environmental Effects Statement (EES) in August 2021. The EES details their quarry plans and how they say their operation will affect the area.
From August, the EES will be available for public review and all parties, including residents, are invited to examine the EES and make submissions indicating concerns and objections that they have regarding the Hanson plans and its effects on the area.

You do not need to have a technical background to make a submission. Submissions can be as simple as highlighting why you do not want this quarry and how you believe it will affect you and your way of life. The more submissions, the better the understanding the decision makers will have on the effects on our community.


We have compiled a list of impacts this proposed quarry will have on you and Bunyip North in the downloadable PDF below. You may find these helpful when creating your submission.


If you require assistance in lodging your submission, or you would like to discuss things with a member of the MCADPG Committee, please do not hesitate to contact us via the phone numbers also listed in the PDF document.


Kind regards,

The Mount Cannibal and District Preservation Group.

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What's at stake if HANSON  get their way!
  • 2 million tonnes of Granite per year trucked along Tonimbuk Road onto Princes Highway, that's around 550 truck movements daily over the next 70-100 years!
  • ​A Quarry the size of Brew Rd, Mount Shamrock and Tynong North Quarries combined on land equal to the size of Melbourne CBD.
  • A fence around the entire Quarry site denying Wildlife access through their established Bio-link corridors!
  • Irrevocable changes to Ground Water levels and Surface Water flow into established farm dams!
OUR  Community action so far has resulted in...
  • Many hundreds of signatures petitioning the Minister for Planning that concluded in a full Environment Effects Statement (EES) being required.
  • Politicians being lobbied at both State & Federal level and us receiving acknowledgement both publicly and privately that they believe this Quarry proposal is in the wrong location!
How can I help
  • DONATE Now - We need funding urgently, to finance Legal representation and make this a fairer FIGHT!
  • Get SIGNING - Our petition & get all of your friends and family that love this pristine area to sign as well.


  • Start WRITING - to Local & Federal Politicians, and your Local Council, don't let them second guess how you feel about this proposal in your Community, make sure they know exactly how you feel!
  • Attend MEETINGS - As we are representing YOUR community, we welcome input from all community members, Contact Us for next scheduled meeting time.
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  • Get LOUD & Get ANNOYING - Method of your Choice!
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