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Last week a petition was launched on detailing the effects Hanson's Quarry proposal is having on our local community. Within a few days over 200 people had signed and 61 comments had been left. A local resident who had been instrumental in setting up the petition said it brought a tear to her eye to see just how passionate people were about protecting the environment and their local community. If you would like to show your support or have your say, please take a few moments to click on the image below and follow the link to sign the petition.


The Mount Cannibal and District Preservation Group Inc. are representatives of local residents who want to STOP HANSON'S QUARRY in Bunyip North proceeding.

* * * * * WHAT? Since 2006, Hanson Australia (Heidelberg Cement) has purchased multiple blocks of land in the Bunyip North region, initially under the guise of being for pastoral purposes. Their most recent acquisition is the internationally recognised, Tonimbuk Equestrian Centre.

Hanson now has a total area of approximately 280 hectares, which is roughly 691 acres.

The proposal sits under 500 metres from Mount Cannibal, endangering numerous flora and fauna native to the region - some of which are ALREADY endangered (without toxic silica dust in their airways!).

Within a radius of 1500m from the proposed site exists 86 homes, and unlike the already established Brew Road and Tynong North quarries, residents predate any possibility of a quarry within their community. We did not sign up for this.

Additionally, the Hanson site sits on higher ground than those in the area, creating greater dust and noise issues.

In November 2015, the Victorian Minister for Planning decided that an Environmental Effects Statement (EES) is required for the proposed quarry.

WHY WE NEED YOUR HELP We have lost over ten years of our lives being haunted by Hanson and their proposal. We live in a GREENWEDGE zone and reside in this area for the quiet, peaceful life we were promised. Residents have been living in a virtual limbo, and the weight of this proposal has taken its toll for too long.

We need your help to say NO. NO to 500 plus trucks a day on our roads. NO to toxic silica dust in our airways and waterways. NO to a quarry lifespan of 80-100 years. NO to the destruction of invaluable and beautiful land and vegetation. The list goes on...

Our homes, our livestock, our businesses, our lives and Australia's flora and fauna are at stake.

Any money we raise will go towards seeking further guidance and assistance in fighting Hanson as well as generating awareness in regards to what this company is proposing.

Any help you can offer - we will be forever grateful. We are residents fighting to save our homes, our lives and to preserve the Bunyip North region for generations to come.

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