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Save Mount Cannibal Community Walk

Hanson Australia are proposing to impact the long established farming, rural lifestyle and equestrian communities in Bunyip North with a Mega Quarry. Locals were recently encouraged to air their concerns via the EES (Environmental Effects Statement) Draft Scope process, with assurances that their concerns would be considered. The Community provided over 200 well-reasoned and legitimate concerns. Of these, only one community suggestion was adopted - and that was a relatively minor item that was unlikely to impact Hanson on more than a couple of days per year.

We have been advised by DELWP that there is NO opportunity for our community to be represented during the EES process to ensure that the disastrous implications for our environment, health, lifestyle and economy are fully covered by Hansons EES studies.

We are expected to rely on Hansons Community engagement process to be kept informed. Our previous experience with Hanson leaves us in no doubt that we can have little confidence in the accuracy, detail or timeliness of any information provided.

A major concern of the community was the effect a quarry of this magnitude will have on the Mt Cannibal Flora and Fauna Reserve which has recently been confirmed as a reserve of State Significance. It is an extremely popular attraction due to its natural beauty. The reserve is a mere 380 metres from Hanson’s proposed quarry.

A mere 380 metres from a landmark used by thousands of people.

To highlight the risk posed by Silica dust migration to the health of both residents and the reserve, including the rare Australian orchids and endangerd owls, we are holding a Community Walk at Mt Cannibal on 12th November 2017 from 10.30am to 1.00pm. Walk participants will have the option of wearing dust masks (provided) to help make the point.

If you feel you can't manage the walk, please come along anyway and show your support by joining the community congregation in the carpark for a chat.

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