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Minister for Planning E.E.S Decision


For Public Notice via Internet


Title of Proposal: Garfield North Quarry

Proponent: Hanson Construction Materials Pty Ltd

Description of Project:

The proposal is for a granite quarry with an ultimate footprint of 134 hectares on a 280 hectare site, to extract 70-100 million tonnes over a period of about 80-120 years. The quarry is likely to extend to a maximum depth of about 140 metres below the current land surface. A new road is proposed to be built on-site, connecting the proposed processing plant southwards to Tonimbuk Road. The proposal includes crushers, stockpiles, process water storages and a landscaping buffer.


The Minister for Planning has decided that an Environment Effects Statement (EES) is required for the proposed Hanson Garfield North quarry, as described in the referral accepted on 5 October 2015.

Reasons for Decision:

  • The proposal has potential for significant environmental effects, in particular on biodiversity, hydrology, groundwater and Aboriginal cultural heritage values, and amenity, over an operational period of many decades, and as such there is a need for well informed assessment and decision-making.

  • Integrated and transparent consideration of the project and its effects through an EES process is also necessary given the substantial public interest and number of statutory approvals processes required.

Date of Decision: 22 November 2015

Click here for link to EES referral decision on the DTPLI Website

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